Frame Work




The framing of a home is its skeleton, and therefore one of the most essential parts that a house consists of. For this reason it is important to get a contractor that will do the right job for you. Whether you are looking to frame a whole home from bottom to top or just repair a small area, we have you covered.

Frame Damage and Wood Rot

Most homeowners are at least somewhat familiar with wood damage caused by rot. All wood is vulnerable to wood rot, as it all contains a certain level of moisture naturally. Moisture provides a breeding ground for fungi, which is what is ultimately responsible for the damage caused by wood rot. Wood rot can be caused by hundreds of different fungi, including Daedalea, Lenzites, Fomes, Poria, Polyporus, and Stereum. Wood rot can occur anywhere in your house, including the door trim, structural beams and exterior trim.


We can REPAIR this and RESTORE your home to the SAFE dwelling it once was!

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